Transformation Catalyst is a partnership that brings value to our clients and our community through the complementary skills and styles of its founders, Michèle and Brian Soregaroli. We help our clients transform their businesses to grow beyond their current level of success to fulfil the greater purpose that we help them envision for themselves. Everything we do stems from our desire to deliver the most value we can to our clients. To share our knowledge, experience, insights and expertise to help them overcome the hurdles they face in building a better business.

A key driver for us is helping business owners do more for themselves, for their staff and for their community. This ethos is reflected in the B Corp community that we became a part of in 2017.

We are a Certified B Corporation

B Corporations are leading a global movement of people using business as force for good … not only to be the best in the world but the best for the world. We join companies such as Patagonia, Method, Ben & Jerry’s and Danone Canada in this growing movement of change makers around the world.

We became a B Corp because we have a simple philosophy that guides us in everything we do:

We believe that businesses are at the heart of all communities.

More than most individuals, businesses have massive potential to do great things. Businesses have influence, voice, leverage, and the ability to scale impact. They provide us with the opportunity to experience a sense of achievement, fulfillment, contribution and community. And, they are our home away from home, the foundations that support our families, the places that nurture our friendships, the portals for growth and learning, and the outlets for our dreams.

This is why we do what we do. To inspire and guide like-minded influencers, entrepreneurs and executives like you as you navigate these waters and build great businesses that strengthen our communities.

For us, that’s what the B Corp community is all about:

Inspiration. Community. Accountability. Responsibility.

What does this mean to our clients?

Transformation Catalyst is committed to equipping influencers like you with powerful perspectives that expand your impact. Our work in helping entrepreneurs reach new levels of success and fulfillment goes beyond bottom line profit, public recognition and peer accolades. It goes right to the heart of the matter … that which matters most to you. The founder. The inspiration behind the vision. The leader of the change. Our work is focused on inspiring you to embrace your individuality and supporting your business to be authentically great for the world, in your own vision, on your own terms.

We are proud to work with entrepreneurs like you who seek to improve the world around you. We salute you for your commitment to doing great work on your own terms.

We subscribe to maintaining a triple bottom line in our business, which includes consideration of: people, profit and our planet. We balance purpose and profit by considering the impact of our decisions on our staff, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

We support and engage with our local B Corp community, connecting with other companies committed to using business as a force for good. And through our work, several of our clients have become part of this movement. We seek out local suppliers for our business needs and our operational protocols are designed to allow us to minimize our environmental footprint on an ongoing basis.

We also allocate 1% of our gross revenue to support local charities and social initiatives, such as the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC.

We Support the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC


We have committed to an ongoing annual sponsorship of the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society to support their grassroots efforts in rebuilding the endangered population of Burrowing Owls in south-central BC. Our donation helps sponsor the annual banding program that allows the owls to be tracked throughout their range in North America, which provides important data for the conservation effort.

We have toured their facilities in the Lower Mainland and Oliver, BC, to meet the people behind this initiative, to learn about the breeding and conservation efforts they have pioneered, and to observe the owls. Their expertise and the methods they have developed have been adopted for similar programs across North America, and in other parts of the world. This dedicated group of volunteers has earned our respect and commitment to help them in their mission.

This initiative speaks to us at Transformation Catalyst on a number of levels:

  • First, it’s something that hits close to home for us. The small, pocket desert region where these owls live is a favourite summer time haunt for our family. We feel a strong connection to the region and have created many fond memories together there.

  • It is inspiring to support an initiative that is run by an amazing group of volunteers with a true sense of mission and passion for their project. They donate their time and resources to ensure the longevity of the program and they share their knowledge and learnings with colleagues in other parts of the world to help them build similarly successful programs of their own.

  • Owls symbolize wisdom and the ability to see things that are hidden, which resonates with our approach to inspiring business owners to stretch into their potential, to experience more fulfillment, and create a meaningful legacy.

  • Burrowing owls also use a number of differentiation strategies that separate them from other owls, which reflects one of the core tenets of our work (i.e., our Business Differentiation Blueprint® Program). They take advantage of a niche opportunity with less direct competition, living in semi-arid grasslands where other owls live in wooded areas. They make use of the resources available to them, living in abandoned burrows that were created by other animals. They adapt to their circumstances, eating mostly insects which are plentiful in their grassland habitat, and they have developed longer legs that enable them to sprint, as well as fly, when hunting. They are survivors, having learned to make the sound of a rattlesnake when an intruder enters their burrow.

  • And finally, we feel that our commitment to this initiative makes a meaningful contribution toward the conservation effort and the rebuilding of the local population of Burrowing Owls.



Brian Soregaroli, Transformation Catalyst.

I'm a supporter, an assessor, a strategizer, and an implementer. I love to dig deep into people’s systems and find easier ways for them to achieve the things they need. At the core of everything I do, I look for efficient ways to get things done.

I work with you to cut through the red tape to focus on what matters most. I find the common threads in disparate conversations and I bring them together to quickly accomplish the most important initiatives.

My strengths lie in seeing things that don’t appear to be related and finding the common link. This is often where magic and creativity live. I love finding insights that my clients haven’t found yet, and presenting innovative ways to move projects forward.

Being involved in a company’s tactical movement from stress to relief is immensely gratifying to me. I love knowing that I've helped with this sometimes complex process. And as much as I am involved with processes and tactics, it is the relationships inside these businesses that drive me.

Brian (MBA, B.Sc.) has over 25 years of international consulting experience and has held senior executive and directorship positions with several public companies. He brings to the table a broad experience in operations, finance, marketing, negotiations, training, human resources and regulatory affairs.


Michèle Soregaroli, Transformation Catalyst.

I’m not one to beat around the bush. I am honest, upfront and truthful right from the get go.

I go deep. I look for significance in everything. Sometimes, that’s a gift. Sometimes it’s not. But regardless, it makes me particularly good at being a business coach and at helping you create a differentiation strategy.

I believe in the exceptional potential of all people. I believe that those who aren’t performing at their best have either made a conscious choice not to, they simply don’t know how to, or they don’t believe that they can do better.

 I will consistently challenge you to be different, to challenge your status quo, to do better, and to stay true to what’s important and meaningful for you. I will not sit quietly in the background and watch you coast. I simply can’t do that...because I believe you can do much, much better.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? That’s a life worth living, and that’s the life I am passionate about helping you live.

Michèle is the leading Differentiation Coach in Canada, with expertise in Value Propositions and Competitive Positioning for Professional Services Businesses. She is the 2011 Women of Worth Mompreneur of the Year, the recipient of the inaugural 2013 International Coach Federation Coach Impact Award and has been profiled 2 years in a row in the National 2013 and 2014 Distinctive Women Magazine.