Brian Soregaroli, Transformation Catalyst.

I'm a supporter, an assessor, a strategizer, and an implementer. I love to dig deep into people’s systems and find easier ways for them to achieve the things they need. At the core of everything I do, I look for efficient ways to get things done.

I work with you to cut through the red tape to focus on what matters most. I find the common threads in disparate conversations and I bring them together to quickly accomplish the most important initiatives.

My strengths lie in seeing things that don’t appear to be related and finding the common link. This is often where magic and creativity live. I love finding insights that my clients haven’t found yet, and presenting innovative ways to move projects forward.

Being involved in a company’s tactical movement from stress to relief is immensely gratifying to me. I love knowing that I've helped with this sometimes complex process. And as much as I am involved with processes and tactics, it is the relationships inside these businesses that drive me.

Brian (MBA, B.Sc.) has over 25 years of international consulting experience and has held senior executive and directorship positions with several public companies. He brings to the table a broad experience in operations, finance, marketing, negotiations, training, human resources and regulatory affairs.


Michèle Soregaro  li, Transformation Catalyst.

I’m not one to beat around the bush. I am honest, upfront and truthful right from the get go.

I go deep. I look for significance in everything. Sometimes, that’s a gift. Sometimes it’s not. But regardless, it makes me particularly good at being a business coach and at helping you create a differentiation strategy.

I believe in the exceptional potential of all people. I believe that those who aren’t performing at their best have either made a conscious choice not to, they simply don’t know how to, or they don’t believe that they can do better.

 I will consistently challenge you to be different, to challenge your status quo, to do better, and to stay true to what’s important and meaningful for you. I will not sit quietly in the background and watch you coast. I simply can’t do that...because I believe you can do much, much better.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? That’s a life worth living, and that’s the life I am passionate about helping you live.

Michèle is the leading Differentiation Coach in Canada, with expertise in Value Propositions and Competitive Positioning for Professional Services Businesses. She is the 2011 Women of Worth Mompreneur of the Year, the recipient of the inaugural 2013 International Coach Federation Coach Impact Award and has been profiled 2 years in a row in the National 2013 and 2014 Distinctive Women Magazine.