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Differentiation for Small Business

Differentiation is the key to long-lasting business success and any one of us can create it in our business. Simply being Different is a lot harder and much less effective than being Differentiated. Have you made this distinction?

At one time, at a time not so far away, it was a lot easier to be different and stand out. There were fewer players in the market. The markets were smaller, and less global, and competitors from other markets were less inclined to be competing with you on your home turf. Communities were more loyal and patrons were less fickle. Remember the good ol' days??

But wow! How things have changed! Today, with the simplification of technology, the globalization of business, and the easy access to information, it has become virtually impossible to stand out, in any crowd, let alone at home. This reality has hit the small business community especially hard. How do you even begin to thrive, let alone succeed in this environment?

Over and over, I hear the same complaints from small business owners and entrepreneurs. Being different, and standing out is an expensive strategy exclusive to big marketing budgets and large corporations that can bombard the media with their message. With the barriers to entry in Small Business being much lower than in the past, and more and more people losing their jobs and pensions, there are so many more small businesses popping up. The competition is greater than ever, and with so many new players in your industry, often going after the same clients, you feel that you can’t compete. You believe that you must settle for stability and be glad that you are ‘paying the bills’.

Well, I’m here to tell you that these beliefs are founded in old-school thinking and they are not true. ANY business can stand out and be different, and some of the most successful are small businesses! Just because they don’t show up on the global radar doesn’t mean that they don’t excel and stand out in their markets. There are countless examples of small businesses that have done an exceptional job of Differentiating themselves in a highly competitive environment, without the big marketing budgets or the brilliant product that would otherwise have put them on the map.

Not all small business owners dream of growing to become the new Apple or Ikea. In fact, most of them don’t. But that doesn’t mean that they should settle for small and insignificant! For those business owners who want to become Significant in their Market, and bring exceptional Value to their loyal customers, there is a way to succeed and meet all your personal, financial and professional goals.

Different isn't Differentiated.

The first thing to recognize is that being ‘different’ no longer works. If you believe that you must create campaigns, marketing strategies and ‘different’ products and services to stand out, you are mistaken. These tactics have no staying power. Your campaigns and products only get results until there is something new nipping at your heels. If this is your approach, you will end up spending your time trying to stay one step ahead of your competition. And eventually, you will get tired and they will get ahead.

The NEW Different is Differentiation.

Differentiation is founded on an entirely different approach. Differentiation is not a tactical campaign or product. It is not a marketing strategy. It is not a great idea. It is not dependent on a large marketing or R&D budget. Differentiation is solely dependent on your commitment to excellence.

People notice excellence. Consumers crave excellence. Communities endorse excellence. 

Differentiation is the result of your on-going and relentless commitment to bringing excellence to your market in an exceptional and remarkable way. When you make the commitment to deliver great value, and I mean truly great value (not just ‘good enough’ value), you are on a path to achieving Differentiation.

Being Different is no longer good enough.

Differentiation is the only option for long-lasting business success...and it is only dependent on you. On your commitment. On your motivation. On your dedication to excellence.  Like all the successfully differentiated businesses before you, you too can do this! Success isn’t reserved for the lucky few. It is ready and waiting for you to engage.

When will you start?

As always, build your business to give you more freedom, more meaning and with less compromise. 

To your Success, Differently,

 - Michèle