There are 3 basic “pillars” of success in business and, for your business to thrive, it is dependent on your success in all 3:

  • Visibility
  • Connection
  • Fulfillment

Visibility: Create visibility, awareness, and a brand presence in your market, industry and community. Target your potential clients with the message that you are not only open for business, but also enthusiastically ready to serve them. In order for you to stand out, identify how you can become more visible, in a way that is not only integral to your style and brand essence, but that also draws in your ideal clients. Visibility is like a magnet...if it compliments the magnetic energy of your potential clients, they are drawn in. Be different. Be bold. And get noticed...and create a magnetic force that your market can’t resist.

Connection: Once you’ve got their attention, engage potential clients to develop their interest so that they are intrigued and motivated to learn more about what you can do to help them. Connect with your market and inspire a following by offering value-oriented solutions to their problems and pains. Your market wants you to make their pains go away in the quickest, easiest and most efficient way possible. Show them that you can. Learn to effectively communicate the experience they can expect from your product or service and clearly define your deliverables. Be transparent. Be real. And care. Show your prospects that you are more interested in their outcomes than your company bank account. If you care enough to really, truly want to help, they will know. That’s something that you can’t hide.

Fulfillment: The deal is signed, you have an agreement and now it’s ‘just’ a matter of doing the work. The hard part is over, right? Not some ways, the hard part has just begun. Here is where you are truly tested for your commitment to excellence and true value. Your client doesn’t want to be satisfied. Your client wants to be WOWed. Of course, they don’t actually say that, and they have come to expect that they will be satisfied (or you wouldn’t have their business), but deep down, they are really hoping for a ‘better than expected' experience. what you said you would do...and then do more. You don’t really have a choice if you want to be in business for the long-term. Design your product to be the very best it can be...nothing less. Become a student of Excellence. Evaluate your client experience from A to Z and find areas where you can engage your clients at an even deeper level and fulfill the needs they have yet to even identify. Set up processes and structure to ensure consistency, and enable your staff to become Shepherds of Excellence. Then focus on delivering the very best product and service experience that you possibly can.

Repeat all 3 steps regularly and as you go through that cycle again, tweak, enhance, adjust and edit it with each new start.

Becoming an expert in these 3 pillars is not an option. They are the fundamentals of any business and a business focused on excellence in all 3 areas is a business that is in the game and poised to win.

You really have only 2 options:
Opt In and Win
Opt Out and Lose Clout

Which pillar in your business is not well developed? Assess that pillar with 2 big questions:
1)       What are we doing that is already strong and working well?
2)       What areas have opportunities for improvement?

What action can you take in the next 24 hours that will have an impact on your results?

Go do it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Yours in Success, Differently.

 - Michèle