We hope that you are looking forward to a remarkable 2010!! I’ve certainly noticed that, compared with this time last year, there is much more positive outlook in the business community. I’ve also noticed that businesses are getting smarter and more creative than ever, more fiscally responsible and more driven to stabilize their results.

I have to be honest, I’m excited by the prospects of better, more robust businesses. I’m continually meeting businesses that are seriously committed to staying “in the game” and prepared to do what it takes to win. This economic shift has resulted in higher quality and more innovation and as consumers and clients we’re far better off!!

As a business owner, there are a few simple strategies that you can act on to ensure that you’re playing the best game that you can.

Here are some thoughts to consider as you plan your best year yet:

1) Set Your Goals
Keep them to a few, specific goals that are really meaningful to you. As a rule of thumb, I encourage my clients to choose 3 personal goals, 3 professional goals and 3 professional development goals. Any more than that and you may have trouble staying focused. Remember, you can always add to them as they get accomplished! It’s better to succeed at a few than to lose focus or steam because you’ve been too ambitious at the planning stage.

2) Simplify Your Focus
Identify your desired focus and stick to it. Ensure that all your behaviours are directly aligned with your goals and are getting you one step closer to achieving them. If they aren’t, stop and reassess. Time is a precious commodity and you control it. Make the choice to use it wisely.

3) Implement and Master One Great Idea
Identify your best business opportunities, write them down and prioritize them. Get one idea up and running and strive to execute better than any of your competitors. Continually refine your product, service and deliverables so that, over time, you will be the only go-to option in your chosen area of focus. Once that opportunity is well on its way, you are ready to add another idea to your focus.

4) Look from Where You've Come
Remember to look back and acknowledge all that you have already accomplished. When you hit a wall, take stock. Celebrate how far you’ve come! Take a break and give yourself the time and space to rejuvenate … then tackle your challenges with renewed energy and inspiration.

There are 11.5 months left in 2010. What are you prepared to do or change in order to simplify your focus and create better results this year? Get more results from less in 2010!