There’s no argument that we’re in challenging times. Several clients have commented on this being the toughest period they’ve ever experienced in their business. Others have remarked on the sheer volume of the negative influences around them. Yet many of these clients, despite their obstacles, are growing faster than ever! Have you considered how you could use this challenging economy to create your greatest opportunity?

What is the difference between those businesses who are growing and those who are feeling the crunch? The ideas outlined below may seem like common sense and easy to apply, but the truth of the matter is that too many of us who are aware of them are simply not applying them consistently or effectively. If you are serious about making positive changes to your life and your business, implementing these simple habits into your daily routine will create the foundation for your success.

1) Nurture supportive habits and relationships
You know those relationships that make you feel great? Have you ever read a book or visited a website that left you feeling energized and inspired? Create habits and forge relationships that positively support you. Make a commitment to consciously reduce your interactions with toxic or negative influences. They are not serving you.

2) Learn from your challenges and create opportunities
Assess your setbacks, obstacles and challenges with objectivity. The information being offered to you in your mistakes and challenges is invaluable. Learn from it. Dissect it. Look for the truth in the situation. What have you been avoiding or unable to see? Where is your greatest opportunity? If you were to make one small change in your business today, which one change could you make that will have the greatest impact on your overall success? 

3) Add value, and then add more value!
Make it a focus to create and add value to the people in your life, in every interaction, and you will be valued. Now is a good time to consider how you can enhance your 'value' offer: hone your skills, seek knowledge, add to your service platform, develop better products. When you compassionately and masterfully help your clients, you are creating value and connecting at a deeper level. Your clients want to know that they can count on you for honest and valuable advice ... and for you to accomplish your biggest dreams, you need to commit to that.

4) Take small steps, every day
Focus, discipline and accountability support your goals. It is often said that “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Establish daily habits to ensure that you are moving forward every day. Have the discipline to follow-through. Should you need support, create an accountability system that helps you stay on track.

5) Your future is now
Today is the first day of your bigger future. Focus on doing what you can do today and you are establishing a successful tomorrow. Your long-term success will follow ... one day at a time.

In his recent book, Peaks and Valleys, best selling author Spencer Johnson discusses strategies for creating more peaks and avoiding future valleys in your life and business. Among the several concepts he illustrates, he clearly outlines that ‘the wise things you do in today’s bad times create tomorrow’s good times.

As you consider your next quarter, and your overall goals and vision, what ‘wise things’ are you doing consistently, every day and every week to support you in creating good times ahead? How are you connecting with your best opportunities?

If you haven’t yet established a few critical habits to link you to your future success, why not take a few minutes now? Reflect and consider what one daily habit you can initiate today that would move you closer to your goals. 

Remember to value your unique self and bring it to the forefront of all that you do!

Live your dream,