What is it about your offer that makes it more attractive and compelling than your competitor’s offer?

In an increasingly competitive business environment, designing your simple answer to that question is anything but simple. And yet, it is absolutely essential to your success.

In my 22 years of studying and working within increasingly commoditized and competitive industries, it has become abundantly clear that the typical ‘Unique Value Proposition’ (or ‘UVP’) is anything but unique. They are loaded with cliches, jargon, and uninspired 'differentiators' that are nothing more than basic promises. Platitudes.

Qualities that were once exceptional and remarkable are no longer all that impressive. At one time, being unique was as simple as being consistently good, and consumers rewarded it. Today, with advances in technology and easy access to information, education and training, more and more businesses are consistently good. But good doesn’t make you different, unique, or, more importantly, compelling.

With increased competition, the bar has been raised. Consumers expect more. It’s no longer enough to be reliable, trustworthy and well-credentialed. These qualities might be enough for your business to stay alive, but they are not enough to thrive.

Your Unique Value Proposition is a great way to for you and your clients assess the true value and sustained relevance of your offer.

So how do we create a Unique Value Proposition when differentiators are so difficult to identify and even harder to accurately articulate? It starts with changing your thinking. New insights and exponential improvements don’t come from incremental shifts in behaviour. And as Albert Einstein said,

“We cannot solve our problems with the
same thinking we used when we created them.”

So transforming your thinking will be the first step toward designing a compelling Unique Value Proposition. Transformational thinking takes time and starts with posing provocative, inquisitive questions.

Asking the right questions will stimulate transformative thinking by provoking new ideas and insights, challenging habits and opening up creative pathways. The right questions will draw you out of traditional thinking paradigms and help you accurately identify the truly unique characteristics of your offer.

Here are 5 questions to help you get started in transformational thinking:

  1. If your business were a human, how would you describe it? Why?
  2. What counter-points would effectively challenge your ideas and shift your thinking?
  3. What shifts in your perspectives or beliefs would open up your creativity?
  4. What qualities would a game-changing idea have for your business?
  5. Think of an industry that is totally different and doesn’t compete with yours. How do they create exceptional value? How would that translate into your industry? Your business?

A compelling Unique Value Proposition is simple and clear. It highlights the sustained impact of your work and inspires a desire to act.

What is the first question you need to ask to shift your perspective to design a truly Unique Value Proposition?

To your Success, Differently.
      - Michèle