A successful business that inspires us, builds our confidence and gives us sustained fulfilment takes time and focused effort to build. No business thrives without a lot of work behind the scenes, and there is no such thing as lasting success from something that is built overnight.

And your success is almost entirely dependent by your ability to get momentum on your side.

It is important to remember that when building a business, what is created in haste has a tendency to fall apart just as quickly. For anything to grow and remain for the long term, it needs a strong foundation.

And this is where ‘time’ enters the equation.

Time is something that has a way of disappearing on us. Quietly. Systematically. Almost imperceptibly. As precious as we know it to be, it is often taken for granted. Time is the essence of our existence, and sometimes people need a reminder that they need to persist and persevere to make an impact with the time they have.

Persistence and perseverance create momentum. If your business is focused on building value, momentum will work in your favour. However, if you are focusing attention on your lack of progress, momentum will carry you further down that path. The longer you allow that momentum to drive your psyche and your actions, the harder it will be to change direction.

The first step is to acknowledge where you are headed right now. You can choose to continue on your current path or change your course.

Starting is easy. Staying on track is the real challenge. It is easy to find reasons to fall off track and not want to continue. But it is just as easy to find reasons to continue to build momentum in your favour.

We are naturally wired to play within and stay in our comfort zone. It requires minimal effort to take the easy route. However, when we achieve our bigger, more challenging goals through persistence and perseverance, we are rewarded with a greater sense of accomplishment and increased confidence.

So, to support you to use your time effectively and support a sustained level of success, I would encourage you to ask yourself these four important questions:

  • Are you mentally committed to your success?

  • Will you prioritize what you need to do on a consistent basis to succeed?

  • Do you really want to grow your business?

  • Is it just a good idea because it seems like the right thing to do, or is there something important and motivating that will sustain your momentum through the tough patches?

  • Are you willing to persist and persevere, and stay true to your vision in order to get there?

  • If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then you are authentically and sincerely ready to grow your business.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have the potential to grow your business into something even more valuable and impactful. However, only you can make the decision to take advantage of the opportunity to make it happen. This can be an exciting challenge, and I am very excited for all the things you might accomplish if you choose to take this journey.

Some of my most successful clients have found that setting short term goals for themselves helped to create their ideal momentum and, ultimately, drive their success.

I encourage you to take time to reflect on the direction your momentum is taking you and your business. If your feel yourself struggling or you want to make this change faster, I’d love to hear from you to explore whether or not our Growth for Good™ workshop program might be a fit for you. It has been created specifically for people like you who want that extra push and are ready to commit to achieving a new level of success.

For more information about the program, go to our website or send me an email.

To your success, differently!

- Michèle