Value. Leadership. Innovation.

Being strategic in business is about getting totally focused on delivering value, establishing leadership and driving innovation. What’s in it for your clients? What does it take to be a leader in your industry? What’s the most effective way to serve your client’s current and future needs?

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Our Business Differentiation Blueprint® Program provides the ability to think with total precision and imagine future scenarios with new clarity.  The result is that you’ll be able to focus your energies and take immediate steps to catapult your business forward.  Built around your key strengths and vision of the future, it enables you to build a business that leverages your unique approach and personality.  The resulting Business Differentiation Blueprint allows you to completely distinguish yourself from competitors resulting in a dramatic increase in qualified referrals and more appreciative clients … particularly within a highly competitive, highly-regulated market.  Finally, you can break free from depending on external inspiration, from trying to be too many things to too many people, and from the confusion that comes with having lost touch with your unique gifts and what you originally set out to achieve.

Our Business Differentiation Blueprint Program is the often-overlooked, essential work that transforms your business, and it is successful for people who are already very good at what they do. By doing this work, you will gain additional levels of clarity that allow you to increase your gross and net income, on a predictable basis, in support of whatever is important to you as you grow your business.


In addition, it creates the foundation for: 

  • Creating Consistency in Execution

  • Focusing on Excellence and Expertise

  • Increasing Employee Engagement

  • Honing a Compelling Corporate Culture

It also establishes focus on:

  • What you Stand For

  • Adherence to Brand Promises

  • Effective Market Positioning

  • Possibilities for increased Competitive Advantage

  • Creation of a Meaningful and Impactful Legacy

If you consistently behave according to how you think, you will be in full integrity, always inspired and deeply fulfilled ... and this is the ONLY way to tap into your true potential and success.

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The Business Differentiation Blueprint is designed to have a dramatic impact on your life and your business. To be of greatest value to you, this Program requires your commitment, attention and focus, and it is best suited to serious business owners who believe that the best is yet to come and are ready to go for it.

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the 9 program modules

1. Essence: Identify your Essential Foundation

2. Commitments: Define your Brand Promises

3. Philosophies: Establish your Guiding Principles

4. Energy: Understand your Unique Nuances and Style

5. Integration: Align your Actions with Intentions 

6. Purpose: Access your Overarching Purpose

7. The Business Value Ladder: Create Sustainable Value

8. Strategies: Refine your Strategic Focus

9. Goals: Set your Next 90 Days

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Strategic Differentiation

Strategic Differentiation ≠ Marketing Differentiation

Marketing differentiation only highlights what is different about your business. It’s mostly about influencing buying decisions, with a far too narrow focus on increasing sales and market share.

Strategic differentiation, on the other hand, is about understanding and shaping the overall impact and influence that your business has on you, your team and your clients. Strategic differentiation is an expression of your corporate DNA and the intrinsic value of your business offer.  It is focused on leadership, innovation and ensuring long-term sustainability. Your Business Differentiation Blueprint™ defines how your business is strategically differentiated through a proven framework built on the 4 core forces shaping any business: your platform, your process, your personality and your purpose. 


The Business Value Ladder™

Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, your business serves your clients at a certain level.

Our Business Value Ladder™ is an integral part of your Business Differentiation Blueprint™ Program. It facilitates understanding how you are currently serving your clients and how to take your offer to a higher level. It is the foundation for implementing strategies that emerge from your Business Differentiation Blueprint™ Program.

The Value Ladder provides you with a new insights on the value your business currently delivers and will inspire you to take your business to a whole new plateau.


Are you ready for more from your business?