Brian is our Team Expert, and he excels at supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs to bring their teams into alignment. His collaborative, diplomatic approach is designed to facilitate deliberate and impactful change that improves productivity and enhances team culture. He works with your executives, management and staff to define your business framework, and teaches your team to use it to reduce internal tension, enhance working relations and improve individual and team performance.

We envisioned this system many years ago, and we made several attempts to incorporate our thoughts into it. We appreciate the assistance you provided in enabling us to design and implement the program over the past 8 months. It’s a thrill to know that our long term vision has become a reality.

It’s an interesting shift we’re seeing in our group. While each of the advisors has taken the process with a distinct, personalized emphasis, [the system] has added a level of standardization - even in these early days - that suggests that we’ll be in a much stronger position to assist our clients over the next 12 months.

I believe all of us have learned a lot over the past several months, including what it takes to coordinate a major project in which we’re all involved. It was definitely “work” ... but the payoff is worth it. Thanks again for your assistance in making this project a success!
— Rob Parrish, Elevate Wealth Management
The report system is amazing and we have been getting feedback from both [our advisors] and our clients! It has made my life so much easier and I enjoy working with it.

We really appreciate your ongoing work and this report has been a huge step forward in how we serve our clients. We really appreciate it (and so do our clients).

Love that this system can and is saving us time on data entry in that way!
— Rachel Denroche, Allan Financial
Rachel Denroche

Rachel Denroche