Our commitment is to provide you with unencumbered, uniquely personal access to your own meaningful horizons so that you continue to experience higher levels of fulfilment and joy every day. One way that we do this is through interactive tools and thinking frameworks that help to expand your perspective and broaden your landscape of possibility. 

This Business Health Assessment™ is a tool that serves exactly that purpose.

Each category in this Assessment (Expertise, Integrity, Vitality, Evolution, Endurance) contributes to the health and continued success of your business, helping it to thrive well into the future as an increasingly differentiated force for the positive change that you seek. 

Be accurate and honest with your assessment … and above all, have fun, enjoy the experience, and embrace what may be revealed on the other side!

Remember, this is not a test - it is only a tool to support you. This is an opportunity to open your view of what’s possible and inspire new paths for impact and meaning that, until now, may have been overlooked, undervalued, or even lying dormant below the surface.


Please take a few minutes to assess where you currently stand in each category.

In the form to the right, please use the dropdown buttons to choose the number that best represents your business in the spectrum of each category. While you may identify with descriptions in different sections, select the number that most closely reflects the current state of your business.

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