Our Growth for Good™ Program is advanced training for big-thinking entrepreneurs who are leading the change towards purposeful and profitable business practices. Transformation Catalyst is at the forefront of the entrepreneurial movement towards purposeful business. We engage with ambitious business owners to help them shift their corporate impact to become more fulfilling, more intentional, and more profound.

Program learning is anchored in the 4 Forces of Strategic Differentiation, exploring how each unique dimension of your business is in support of those 4 critical components of success, while congruently bringing awareness and attention to the 5 key influences that affect your results.


The Growth for Good™ Program is specifically designed for experienced entrepreneurs who have already achieved a sustained level of success in their business. These same entrepreneurs share an insatiable drive to create even more value through their business, for themselves, their families, their teams, their communities, and possibly even the World, and they want to create meaningful change for good. Entrepreneurs who have completed their Business Differentiation Blueprint® will find this program particularly valuable for supporting the continued actualization of their purpose, strategies and commitments while supporting their philosophies, essence and energy.

These highly motivated program participants:

  • Have an established, successful business that is already adding value to the market.

  • Want to experience more meaning and more fulfillment through their business.

  • See their business as a vehicle through which they can have significant impact.

  • Are ready, willing and able to lead their business to a new level of contribution.

  • Want to deepen their learning, in a facilitated format, with bright and engaged peers who share their values, and align with their ideals.

You will be one of only 12 participants in the training cohort. We work with a group of this size to create a balance between an intimate learning environment, diversity within the group, and optimizing learning outcomes.


Cohort 19.S1 (FULL)
April 11, 2019
Delivery: June 13, 2019
Vision: September 26, 2019
Environment: November 21, 2019
Influence: January 23, 2020

Cohort 19.S2 (Registration OPEN)
September 12, 2019
Delivery: November 14, 2019
Vision: February 13, 2020
Environment: April 16, 2020
Influence: June 11, 2020

Cohort 19.S3
Delivery: tbd
Vision: tbd
Environment: tbd
Influence: tbd

Location: Terminal City Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada

*All training workshops will run from 8:30am through 4:30pm with lunch and refreshments provided.


Time: Five 8-hour training sessions
Program Fee: $5,000

Program Details


Module 1 explores how the design and structure of your business model directly and subtly influence your personal sense of accomplishment, energy, happiness and inspiration. You will challenge your assumptions, learn to leverage your natural advantages, understand how to increase your overall happiness and discover how to keep your inspiration alive.

In this DESIGN training module you will learn to:

  1. Identify your unique needs and lifestyle objectives and learn how to integrate them into your business plan.

  2. Understand how to design processes that sustain and enhance your ability to leverage your natural advantages.

  3. Infuse joyful moments into your business life and experience the pull of inspiration more frequently.

  4. Identify your core values and learn how their degree of presence in your work affect your motivation and inspiration.


Module 2 takes a comprehensive look at your client experience and how it affects perception of competency, value, trust, and fit. We will discuss the significance and impact of your backstory, methodology, processes, and personalities and how to leverage them to build loyalty.

In this DELIVERY training module you will learn to:

  1. Identify the 3 primary components that highlight and reinforce the value in your Unique Value Proposition.

  2. Outline evidence-based practices that reinforce and increase corporate confidence and client trust.

  3. Better align your client profile with your Value Proposition to reinforce integrity and enhance success.

  4. Identify the common threads in your life that influence your Value Proposition and learn how to create more value from them.


Module 3 is focused on the future. What might be possible? We will explore opportunities within the context of your Growth Edge, we will identify the real impact that inspires you, discover how to ignite and build an engaged community, and build the type of legacy that fuels your enduring commitment to drive change.

In this VISION training module you will learn to:

  1. Identify the stories that inform your Why and learn how to build them into your business platform.

  2. Understand how to reinforce Value by aligning past, present and future perspective of your Vision into your systems.

  3. Leverage your Vision to increase engagement and build commitment.

  4. Understand how your Vision influences the scope and impact of your Value Proposition.


Module 4 looks at your business design and goals through the lens of environmental design. The environments in which we operate have a subtle but significant impact on our thoughts, focus, and actions. They can either undermine our confidence and inspiration, or lift us to new heights and give us the courage to take bold steps. In this module we will explore how to improve results by designing your environments. 

In this ENVIRONMENT training module you will learn to:

  1. Understand the 6 primary environments that affect your confidence and how you experience your Value Proposition.

  2. Identify systemic changes in your environments that will uphold, reinforce and uplift your delivery of Value.

  3. Design environmental influences that build courage and generate resilience.

  4. Bring awareness to how your current environments support your Corporate Purpose and how to strengthen your resolve.


Module 5 is focused on reinforcing your existing foundation to expand scale and impact. We will discuss how to create more influence, and how influence impacts your potential.

In this INFLUENCE training module you will learn to:

  1. Learn how to foster connections and relationships that enhance your ability to fulfill your promise of value.

  2. Identify key changes to your systems and processes that would increase your ability to have influence.

  3. Reinforce your conviction in your intent to have influence and identify how you want to be more effective.

  4. Learn how to leverage what is currently available to you to expand your impact.