Our flagship Business Differentiation Blueprint® Program (click to request more information) is for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and owners of established and successful businesses. It's for those who are actively looking for clarity and inspiration to significantly elevate their business success.

If you're looking to position your business with the benefit of a group environment, we create engaging keynote presentations for target audiences of CEOs, Professional Services Providers and Sales Executives, and high impact workshops for smaller groups of business professionals.

Your Business Differentiation Blueprint®

We know you’ve got a great business - AND we know you want it to mean more. We’ve come up with an effective way to get you reconnected to your business - to get passionate about what’s coming down the road. 

We call it your Business Differentiation Blueprint®.

Here’s what’s involved:

  • your commitment to working with Michele one-on-one (she’s a great listener AND pulls the punches when needed)

  • two meetings per month (maybe it feels like a lot, but the consistency keeps you on track)

  • 7 modules spanning 6 months (we’ve found this is a realistic amount of time to integrate all that you’re learning)

Here’s what we ACTUALLY do:

  1. dig deep into your business values and philosophies - making decisions that are aligned with these principles brings more meaning and significance to your world

  2. set short-term goals that you can track, and be accountable to

  3. define strategies that keeps your business focussed on what you want

And then? You receive your own Blueprint that defines exactly who you are, who you want to work with, and your passionate vision for the future. Your key staff also have a copy so your whole team is on the same page. Now you're all set to achieve the vision.

Master Your Blueprint™

Once you’ve completed your Business Differentiation Blueprint™, you’ll be ready to ramp it up to leverage the work you’ve done and integrate it into your business at a deeper level! In this part of your success path, Michèle will support you to execute strategically and get the results you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s easy to venture off course and settle back into what has worked in the past. If this sounds like you, you’ll benefit from this focussed time with Michèle to be uplifted and inspired as she takes you through each module of the Master Your Blueprint™ Program (click to request more information) and unabashedly reminds you of what’s driving the success of your business. Yes, you can do it on you own, but you’ll get there faster with Michèle realigning your focus and holding you to your intentions.

Growth for Good™Program

An advanced group coaching program for North America’s big-thinking entrepreneurs who are leading the change towards purposeful and profitable business practices. The Growth for Good™ Program (click to request more information) is specifically designed for experienced entrepreneurs who have already achieved a sustained level of success in their business. These same entrepreneurs share an insatiable drive to create even more value through their business, for themselves, their families, their teams, their communities, and possibly even the world. They want to create meaningful change for good.

Entrepreneurs who have completed their Business Differentiation Blueprint® will find this program particularly valuable for supporting the continued actualization of their purpose, strategies and commitments while supporting their philosophies, essence and energy. 

Business Framework™

Brian is our Team Expert, and he excels at supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs to bring their teams into alignment. His collaborative, diplomatic approach is designed to facilitate deliberate and impactful change that improves productivity and enhances team culture. He works with your executives, management and staff to define your business framework, and teaches your team to use it to reduce internal tension, enhance working relations and improve individual and team performance.

Simple Operations Solutions™

Brian takes a pragmatic approach to streamlining your business process. He works with your team to decode the flow of business-critical information through your organization, and helps design and implement a simplified system that works for your company and helps your team to create a better brand experience for your clients.

workshops and training

Our high-impact Sharpen Your Competitive Edge group workshops and training are designed to get results ... fast. Workshops range from 1 to 6 hours, and training programs can run from 1 to 6 months, depending on your needs and desired outcomes. They are most effective when delivered to small groups of professionals who are building relationship-based businesses. We specialize in programs for highly commoditized, heavily regulated industries.

Speaking Engagements

Our keynote presentations are designed for business professionals who need exposure to high impact strategic thinking that will help them position their business more effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Michèle’s speaking engagements focus on the core concepts that form the foundation of our Business Differentiation Blueprint™ Program, including the 4 Forces of Strategic Differentiation and The Value Hierarchy. This content is particularly effective for those driven to excel in highly commoditized and heavily regulated industries like financial services, commercial real estate, and product sales. 


Are you ready for much more from your business?