Our keynote presentations are designed for business professionals who need exposure to high impact strategic thinking that will help them position their business more effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Michèle’s speaking engagements focus on the core concepts that form the foundation of our Business Differentiation Blueprint™ Program, including the 4 Forces of Strategic Differentiation and The Value HierarchyThis content is particularly effective for those driven to excel in highly commoditized and heavily regulated industries like financial services, commercial real estate, and product sales.

Presentation topics


Establish Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

Identify how your business is strategically differentiated and learn how to enhance your competitive advantage by integrating the 4 Forces of Differentiation™ that shape your business and drive success.

During this 60 minute session, you will learn:

  • The critical distinction between Marketing Differentiation and Strategic Differentiation

  • The four pillars that build sustainable growth and customer loyalty in your business

  • How Value is enhanced and reinforced, while keeping costs down and margins high

  • How to dramatically improve client satisfaction without adding any products or services

  • Why being consistent and predictable will differentiate your business

Understand the 4 Levels of Value in a thriving business

Develop a new perspective on the value your business currently delivers and be inspired by the real and actionable possibilities that will take it to the next level by moving up the Business Value Ladder™.

During this 60 minute session, you will learn:

  • How to avoid margin squeeze and build healthy profit margins into your business model

  • How to attract high quality customers who advocate for your business over the long-term

  • The most common mistake made by most business owners and why they are stuck

  • How to navigate the GAP and experience what top-tier businesses have already discovered

  • How to increase market relevance and thrive through change

How High Performers Leverage Goals to Reach New Heights

Goals are at the foundation of all high performance cultures. Once mastered, they set the direction and the tone for ideas and activity, inspire healthy challenges, provide a platform for achievement, and ensure that personal and professional growth continues to align with success and happiness. Goals are no longer just a good idea. Today, more than ever, they have become a significant differentiator that separates top performers from the rest.

During this 60 minute session, you will: 

  • Understand why great performance is built on great goals 

  • Clarify the unique role that goals play in your own business and life

  • Learn how to set meaningful goals that improve your results and your happiness  

  • Take away a Goals-setting Framework to support your long-term success

Participation feedback

“Presentation was well tailored to our business. Her enthusiasm, experience, and concise material was easy to understand and absorb. Authentic and relevant. Michèle was passionate, genuine, and approachable.”