To be remarkable at what you do, you need to know at a very deep level two important things about yourself: precisely what you think, and exactly how you want to behave.

Sounds simple. And it is. But it requires you to learn to think deeply and to behave with intention.

Imagine an iceberg. They can appear enormous and magnificently stunning. But with only one tenth of it's full volume showing above the water's surface, this initial perception is nothing compared to the true nature of the iceberg, with the bulk of its mass lurking deep below.

Ideas are like icebergs. Your serendipitous revelation may be enthralling on the surface, but without looking deeper, you will never fully comprehend its full potential. Ideas are multifaceted, and their ability to impact your business cannot be fully understood if you only give them cursory consideration. We live in a fast-paced world and many people rely on thinking and acting quickly. They don’t recognize that sometimes slowing down makes you faster.

Unquestionably, thinking and acting quickly can at times achieve positive results for your business. It is an appropriate level of effort for many situations to move things forward. But your more profound ideas, the ones that have the potential to determine the direction of you business, deserve to be explored more deeply and thoroughly before acting on them.

Stimulating deep, thorough thinking is the key to finding lasting and sustainable success.

What do I mean by ‘deep thinking’? It is a way of thinking that is done with great intention and focus. It requires you to train your mind so that when an idea sparks your interest, you learn to sit with it for awhile before taking any action. Take the time to reflect on the idea, allow it to rest in your mind while you look for layers of meaning and application across many channels both in your business and in your personal life. To be authentic in your approach to your business, it is essential that your ideas are in alignment with your personal values as well as your business goals.

Deep, thorough thinking is not complicated. It just requires a commitment of your time and attention:

  • When an idea grabs your attention, take the time to sit with it and reflect on all all its facets and layers. Think of the image of an iceberg. Dig deep, knowing there is more to discover below the surface.

  • Look for layers of meaning and application across many channels (x,y, and z) in your personal and business life: Idea + X = What outcomes? Idea + Y = What outcomes? Idea + Z = What outcomes?

By taking the time to thoroughly explore your ideas before acting on them, your thinking will become more precise and you will be more certain about how you want to behave. This type of deep thinking leads to innovation, creativity, and increased value. It emphasizes gaps and inconsistencies that can then be more thoroughly addressed with solutions, thus allowing you to achieve much greater and much more authentic success.

Take the time to think deeply and thoroughly before moving to action and you will soon find the path to success that truly reflects your ideas and values.

To your Success, Differently,
   - Michèle